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Lipo- Ex Fat Melting Technology

Lipo –Ex Lipoplasty is the alternative to Liposuction surgery. Or perfect for after Liposuction recovery.

This works by targeting soft cellulite and visceral fat, with the different RF head capabilities. Lipo –Ex works by using radio frequency to gradually heat up the fat cells . skin and surrounding tissues in the treatment area are not harmed. The heat causes the fat cells to spill out their contents. This substance is water , glycerol, and free fatty acids , they are then excreted by your body’s natural processes.

Lipo-Ex can treat fat and tighten and firm skin on most areas of your body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms neck and face. Clinical trials show that patients can lose up to three inches of waist circumference and up to ten pounds of weight after 8 treatments over six weeks. Some patients see even greater results.

Lipo- Ex has been compared to hot stone massage, the handpiece warms up to a temperature of about 105 degrees F.

It targets subcutaneous fat which is the layer of fat between your skin and muscle, while visceral fat is the fat underneath your muscle wall around your internal organs.Where other treatment forms of liposuction may treat only subcutaneous fat, Lipo- Ex can also treat the more harmful visceral fat.Currently Lipo-Ex is the only treatment for visceral fat available.

Good hydration is required for optimal transport and excretion of the fatty acids released by Lipo-Ex.The stored fat that Lipo-Ex releases becomes readily available for your body to burn off if you exercise regularly throughout the treatment cycle. In fact we recommend any form of exercise even walking, within 2 hours of completing a treatment. Clients must follow this advice to experience best results.

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